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The ending surprised me.

Project: Killer - J.L. Beck

I'll start off by saying I loved the plot in this book and the editing and writing is well done. I thought with all the hype that this book has had that it would have blown me away. I'm sad to say I just didn't feel that way as I was reading it. I did not connect with the characters too well. With all the strange flashbacks it also felt a little too disjointed. However, I FLOVED the ending; it was definitely like a WTF moment and totally unexpected and I think I liked the book just a little bit more due to the ending.

This is more like a Sci-Fi thriller with not much romance at all and I thought going in it was going to be more romance. To me that wasn't a big deal as I read a lot of different genres. Just thought I should mention it if that would be a problem for some readers.